Our Website Development Process

During the On-Boarding phase we:

  1. Schedule an initial meeting to review the project objectives including gathering additional information
  2. Provide credentials and conduct an overview of our project management tool 
  3. Review all the tasks and deliverables for the upcoming phases of the project
  4. Answer all questions you might have around the process and or the project

During the Discovery phase we:

  1.  Review Business Goals and Vision
  2. Start initial discussion around site organization in prep for developing the site map
  3. Obtain site assets like your logo, pics, social media links, etc.

During the Design & Develop phase we:

  1. Determine the site layout and create your sitemap
  2. Develop an interactive prototype
  3. Design and develop the final site

During the Delivery phase we:

  1. Check and double check the site to make sure it’s ready for prime time
  2. Launch your site!
  3. Deliver your Site Delivery Packet

If you are interested in applying to work with us, let’s get started.